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Community of Tomahawk reacts to mill explosion

by Colby Robertson

TOMAHAWK (WAOW) -- The news that three PCA mill employees died in an explosion is hitting the small community of Tomahawk hard.

This isn't the first time the community of tomahawk has been touched by tragedy this year. But residents say these incidents keep bringing the community closer together.

The flags flew at half staff at the PCA mill a day after three employees were suddenly killed by an explosion. Just a few miles away in town the news was still hitting everyone hard.

Joseph Capol a Tomahawk resident for over 20 years says, "It was a total awe. These people been here life long too and everybody knows everybody and it's definitely touched the hearts of everybody in town. Everyone's like family in town so it's definitely going to impact everybody"

Harold Nelson another Tomahawk resident says, "Something like this is tragic and everybody knows everybody here in town, so everybody is pretty much affected and it brings people closer."

While people walked up and down the streets of Tomahawk, on the outside it may seem like things are normal, but residents say the whole mood of the town is different.

Capol says, "You can see it on everyone faces where you're going. It's tragic."

Josh Rogers of Tomahawk says, "It's like a dreariness right now is kind of what's been put over our town right now. A dreary feeling, dread."

Even though they didn't know the victims personally, this whole community is affected in one way or another.

Rogers says, "If you can imagine losing a loved one of your own.. you can imagine what the set is right now around here because it was someone's friend, someone's husband, father, so it just it makes it a lot harder."

Federal investigators have been at the mill since Tuesday.

They're looking at possible federal safety health regulations and ways future incidents can be avoided.

They say it could take several weeks or even months.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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