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Knowlton family has been showing sheep at fair for generations

by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- All week people have been showing their animals at the fair. Saturday was the annual Market animal show and sale, where owners sell them.

Newsline 9 talked with a local family from the 4-H club who has been doing this for generations.

Karen Fochs has been coming to the fair since 1981. She used to show and sell market sheep. Now she sits in the stands and watches her two sons.

"It's an emotional experience for myself because I remember how nervous I was in not knowing what to expect walking out in that ring. My children have come a long ways as far as responsibilities taking care of the animals and now showing and selling them."

Karen's 12-year-old son Joe has been showing sheep at the fair for three years.

"I've gotten 4th place and 3rd place a lot, but I've gotten better every year so 2nd and 3rd this year," says Joe.  

But before he and his brother even got to the fair, they're asked to go out in the community and find two bidders ahead of time.

Karen says, "With the way things have been this year with the economy, we were very uncertain at to what the prices would be this year, but the community has been very gracious."

Ben sold his market lamb for $8.00 a pound and Joe sold Blossom, a 136 pound market lamb for $7.25 a pound.

"What a wonderful price compared to last year. Joe's prices were at $3.10 so what a big price jump in that lamb per pound,0" says Karen.

So Joe is going home with $900 from selling his Market lamb and even though he's 12 years old, he's already planning to save that money for college.

Most of the bidders are local business owners. This year they've had over 30 new bidders come to the show.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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