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Local man gets a special release from the military to run his stand at the fair

by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- For the past four summers you could find Butch Taylor selling snow cones in the Trigs parking lot. Well, his "Rainbow Ice" stand has been missing lately because he's been serving in Iraq. But he got a special release from the military, so he could have his stand at the fair.

Rainbow snow has had this spot at the fair for 25 years. Butch Taylor has owned the stand for the past 4, but this year he was in jeopardy of losing his spot. Butch just got done with his deployment in Iraq, but while serving over seas he was injured and has been getting treated down at Fort Gordon in Georgia.

Butch says, "I didn't want to lose this spot because Rainbow Snow is so well known and so they actually gave me 10 days to come home and they didn't even charge me they gave me ten days to come home and work my spot at the so I didn't lose that"

Because if Butch didn't show up this year, he would lose his spot at the fair forever.

Butch says, "It usually averages about 8-10 grand a year here at the fair and the military saw that and said you know ya no problem we can't have you do that it's a hardship on my family so they sent me home to work my spot."

And that makes Kimmy Khammanivong very happy. She says, "I'm here like everyday at the fair, so I see him everyday at least 3 times. I was kinda disappointed when he wasn't at Trigs because I always went there after track when he wasn't there I didn't know what had happened to him and I didn't think he was going to be here and I was really disappointed but when he was here I got really excited."

It's these customers that make Butch love his job. He says, "Getting to know so many people in this town and building a rapport with them it's fun and it's fun to see each year how the kids grow and change."

Butch is heading back to Fort Gordon on Tuesday, but he hopes to have his stand back up at Trigs in the next couple months.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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