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24 Hours of Nine Mile

by: Diana Normand

Rib Mountain (WAOW) -- Riding a bike can be quite a work out.

Now imagine doing it for 24 hours.

That's just what these avid bike riders did this weekend at the 10th annual America's Dairyland 24 hours of 9-mile.

It's a bike race where riders are challenged to pedal 20 laps in 24 hours.

And each lap is 14 miles long.

Event director, Kevin Eccles says, "If you ever said I could do this all day, this is a great chance to prove that you like to do this all day. So, people just love riding their bikes. It's a great trail system."

Bike riders can chose to compete by themselves or as a team.

If they went alone they rode about 280 miles.

Some even finished in less than 24 hours.

Nearly 8-hundred people participated in the event and brought along a couple thousand spectators to watch.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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