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Helpful Weight Loss Tips

By Natalie Sparacio

Between losing weight, and maintaining the changes to your lifestyle, weight loss is no easy task.

That's why doctors at Marshfield Clinic say it's best not to take on the often daunting experience...alone.

Everywhere you look these days it's all about the latest diet crazes and nutritional tricks, to try and win against the battle of the bulge.

Dr. Matt Drewry, M.D., a medical internist at the Marshfield Clinic says, "...there's tremendous public interest in losing weight and it's easy for someone who particularly is thin to think why don't you just eat less and exercise more...the hard part is putting that into action and changing your life. I personally, if you're interested in losing weight I can give you a little brochure and we can talk in the office I think you need to work with professionals. I think you need to be in a program, if you can't do a program due to time or a minimum I would recommend seeing a dietitian to really go through your diet."

That's why, back in 1987, Marshfield Clinic introduced HMR, or health management resources, all so patients could be part of a medically supervised weight loss program that's known for being successful.

Laura Bybee, an Marshfield Clinic employee says, "...well HMR bases it's success on a few different things. First of all, it's medically supervised; all of our staff are trained professionals. Secondly, it provides intensive lifestyle education, which is absolutely critical to make any necessary changes. Third, we give all our participants personalized attention and follow up. Fourth, and most important, we offer nutritionally complete products that are very tasty and offer decision free dieting."

Decision free dieting...meaning you're biggest decision is what type of shake you want, and which prepared meal you're in the mood for.

"'s about changing your lifestyle, and if you're not willing or able tot make that step there really isn't any point to getting into a program. If you're willing to take the steps a program like HMR would be a great idea...but it does take a big time commitment and financial commitment as well," said Dr. Drewry.

"...this program really does work, its very safe, very effective program. It doesn't use medications to achieve the results. I would encourage anyone who has been struggling with weight loss to give us a call and let us see if we can help them, "said Bybee.

If you're interested in joining Marshfield Clinic's HMR program you can do so... by calling the Marshfield, Merrill, Minocqua, or Eagle River centers.

Living Well is produced in part and sponsored by Marshfield Clinic.

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