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Fans react to a possible Favre trade

by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- For longtime fans the thought of Favre's name on a different jersey is hard to comprehend.

Rick and Sally Jaglinski see Packer fans come in and out of their Packerland Plus store everyday. Sally said she watched the breaking news about Favre with customers up at their Minocqua store Tuesday.

"People actually had tears in their eyes, thinking that he might actually not be a Green Bay Packer anymore," says Sally Jaglinski.  

That news is hitting long-time fans hard.

Rick Jaglinski says, "I wish that it wasn't happening. I wish that it never happened. As a fan I'm still going to think Favre is one of the 4 best quarterbacks there ever was in the history of football. It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt a lot to see Brett Favre in another uniform."

But will they follow the hall of famer to another team?

Ruth Fuersten says no, "I'd wish him well but I probably wouldn't follow him"

Erick Singkofer agrees, "I'm a Packer fan first and for most"

As for the Jaglinski's they say even though it's difficult to see Favre leave Green Bay,  they're staying Packer fans all the way.

Rick says, "I'll always be a Packer fan, Packer fans will always be Packer fans, of course we'll always see what Brett Favre is doing and how he's doing."

Sally says, "Brett Favre is not the Green Bay Packers. The Packers will always be the Packers and we'll always go to ball games, but he gave such an entertaining exciting thing. You never knew if he was going to throw the ball or if he was going to make the pass, but it was fun to watch him. He's probably like Michael Jordan. He's someone that we'll never see again in our lifetime as far as his skills. Yes there's other good quarterbacks, but he was ours."

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson


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