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Celebrating Mosinee history

by Jessica Sirls

MOSINEE (WAOW) -- With a history of logging and riverside living that goes back over a hundred years, it wasn't difficult to come up with a theme for a festival in Mosinee.

Mayor Alan Erickson says, "I've always been fascinated by the lumberjacks, the loggers, the rafters and that whole history.  So when we had an opportunity to get something like this started it was just exciting."

Erickson isn't the only one wanting to celebrate that heritage.

A group of reenactors transported people back in time gave them a taste of what it was really like to be a lumberjack.

Nine-year-old Andrew Sitko says,  "I liked the log run because it was funny when they fell in."

Celebrating the city's unique past is what makes this event more than just your typical carnival. 

Sitko says, "There's a lot of fun places where you can learn about stuff.  It's been a blast." 

Erickson says, "Every age group I see a lot of smiles.  I see lot of people that are excited."

That's why organizers say they plan to host this event every year, because of the people in Mosinee that continue to support it.

Erickson says, "It's all about community and I think our theme says it because it's always been family.  All you have to do is just walk around and that's all you see."

All the money raised from the Log Jam will go right back to the community. 

Online Reporter: Jessica Sirls

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