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Getting behind a good cause and the wheels of a bike

by Jessica Sirls

NEILLSVILLE --  Local bicyclists are trekking across central Wisconsin all for a good cause.

Tom Kingstory is an Army Veteran who fought for our country over 25 years ago. 

Now he's serving in a different way, by riding his bike to support other local vets like himself.

Highground Manager Kirk Rodman says, "These people are heroes.  They are out there on the road three, four and five days to raise money for the Highround so it's mission can continue."

Over a hundred people are in Neillsville finishing up a four day bike ride to keep the Highground Memorial Park up and running.

Kingstory says, "I've had the opportunity to see other memorials and this one just stands out as one of the better ones in the United States as far as what it has to offer with all the branches of service and all the wars we've gone through."

Because as a veteran he knows just what kind of comfort this place can provide and he says trekking 180 miles is worth it.

Kingstory says, "One of the objectives of this place is it's a peaceful and a healing place and it accomplishes that.  There's just so much to see here that you could spend a better part of the day just taking it all in."

This particular fundraiser was even inspired by a former vet who rode his bike 24 years ago in search of the perfect place to build the highground.

Rodman says, "The man that founded the place drove around the state of Wisconsin 1,244 miles to honor those people that died in Vietnam from Wisconsin.  We lost 1,244 people in Vietnam."

And it's those people that have served that keep these people riding.

Online Reporter: Jessica Sirls

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