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Treatment for varicose veins

by Natalie Sparacio

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)-- 60 percent of the U-S population suffers from some sort of vein disorder.

This week's Living Well, takes a close look at the treatment options available for varicose veins.

Approximately 12 million people in the U-S have vericose veins.

The menacing eye-sore is much more than skin deep...and often leads to painful symptoms.

Varicose veins are commonly seen on legs and feet, they're dark purple and blue in color and often look like their twisted and bulging at the surface of the skin.

When a person has them, they often have what's known as venous insufficiency.

Dr. Mark LePage, M.D. at the Marshfield Clinic says, "...venous insufficiency is actually the underlying disease process that causes vericose veins...the valves that are in the veins and are responsible for making blood flow in the right not function correctly and then the vericose veins form."

In order to check for venous insufficiency, a non-invasive ultra sound examination is done so doctors can examine the veins and valves, to see how well patient's veins function.

 As far as treatment to fix the veins, and stop the pain goes, if exercise, weight loss and compression stocking don't do the trick...

" can proceed to minimally invasive therapies which would include laser intravenous ablation into the vein that's causing the problem...or sometime that would be done in conjunction with sclera therapy where you inject a medicine into the vein to get it to basically squeeze down or contract....and sometimes it will also be done with a procedure called microflabectomy where small incisions are made, very tiny incisions are made over the vein...and the vein is actually pulled out, " explains Dr. LePage, M.D.

The treatment options are all out patient and are performed in a doctor's office.

 Patients are not put under anesthesia, and can even drive themselves home.

If you're looking for a consult...treatments are available at the Marshfield, Minocqua and Weston centers.

For more information, you can call 877-MC VEINS.

Living Well is produced in part and sponsored by Marshfield Clinic.

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