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About Us

Change the World You See Today

Quick, virtually painless, and effective, LASIK laser eye surgery may be able to help you see better - and it's available at Marshfield Clinic. LASIK may give you the freedom to enjoy life without the hassles of corrective lenses. We're dedicated to bringing you the most advanced and trusted LASIK technology. That's why we offer our patients the choice of Blade-Free Custom LASIK.

The LASIK eye surgery program at Marshfield Clinic is one of the most trusted in the region, with experienced eye surgeons, the most advanced lasers, and extensive pre- and post-surgical care. Marshfield Clinic's professional ophthalmology doctors and staff have the tools, capabilities, and expertise to provide great results.

Our honest, up front, caring team will work together to guide you through the process with comprehensive pre- and post-surgical care. In addition to personal attention from experienced eye surgeons providing a full spectrum of care (including sub-specialty care), you'll receive the assistance of an experienced patient care coordinator, Julie Bieneck, who can answer your questions and provide assistance with paperwork and insurance.

Laser eye surgery is a serious medical procedure and therefore shouldn't be taken lightly. Our surgeons take a conservative approach and are very selective in evaluating each candidate's potential risks and rewards. If a patient is not a good candidate for laser eye surgery, we will not perform the surgery. This is a responsible approach that helps our patients experience the best outcomes possible.

It's easy to get started on the path to better vision: Call 1-866-M C LASIK to arrange a FREE pre-evaluation and possible 2-3 hour follow-up consultation. You'll get an upfront explanation of how refractive surgery can benefit you.  There are no hidden fees. All costs are included in one price, which may be covered by insurance. Financing is available.

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