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Our Services

Marshfield Clinic offers several types of laser eye surgery. This provides the ability to help people with a wider range of prescriptions, including some who currently need thick glasses or contacts. Specific laser eye surgery technologies offered by Marshfield Clinic include:
Standard Refractive eye surgery is performed using the Visx Star S4 Active Track Excimer Laser system, which provides extra safety and precision during the procedure by verifying the correct position of your eye before every laser pulse. Real-time eye tracking enables the laser to lock onto the center of the pupil, even if the patient moves their eye.
CustomVue, a newer technology, helps treat complex prescriptions by providing a precise, highly detailed analysis of your vision, almost like a 3D fingerprint of your eye. This helps your ophthalmologist customize your laser eye surgery for better results. In particular, it can reduce the chance of night-vision disturbances and glare.
Wavefront technology is an advanced method of measuring visual distortions of the eye before refractive eye surgery. This allows your ophthalmologist to significantly reduce any existing distortions, including irregular astigmatism and spherical aberration, leading to potentially fewer visual side effects and improved quality of vision after refractive eye surgery.
IntraLase 100% bladeless technology allows surgery to be performed without requiring a blade to prepare the cornea for laser eye surgery.
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