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Katherine’s LASIK Story

Katherine O., from central Wisconsin, is an avid runner and hiker. She used to have to wear glasses or contacts to see well enough to run. Most runners prefer not to wear glasses because they can easily fall off and break, but in her case, neither option was a good choice: She has an allergy to contact lenses that makes wearing all but expensive single-use lenses impractical.

Dealing with her poor vision was a constant hassle. After checking around, she learned that Marshfield Clinic's eye surgeons were very experienced and used the most advanced lasers. She looked further into LASIK eye surgery at Marshfield Clinic and liked the extensive pre- and post-operative care. Her eye surgery has made a huge difference in her eyes, letting her see far down the trail and beyond with perfect vision.

Now Katherine doesn't have to cope with the inconvenience of corrective lenses...and can spend more time enjoying the view. Says Katherine, "LASIK changed my view on life."

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