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Randy’s LASIK Story

Randy B., also from central Wisconsin, had astigmatism that was becoming so bad, it made enjoying hunting, fishing or riding ATVs with his son difficult. Glasses don't go together with sports very well, and neither do outdoor activities - especially if it's rainy or foggy.

His contacts weren't a much better option. He had stopped wearing his contacts because the little weights in them that kept them from moving also made them uncomfortable.

Despite how bad his vision had become, an evaluation at Marshfield Clinic proved he was a prime candidate for LASIK eye surgery. The procedure was quick, easy and over in a matter of minutes.

Before his LASIK eye surgery, Randy couldn't even read his clock when he got up in the morning without first fumbling around for his glasses. Now his vision is great, although he sometimes finds himself habitually reaching up to reposition glasses that aren't there anymore. He's playing softball, watching his kids grow up and having fun riding an ATV again. According to Randy, "LASIK put me back on the trail."

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