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Gastric Bypass ROSE

HEALTHLINE (MEDSTAR) -- Every year, thousands of people undergo gastric bypass to lose weight. Unfortunately, for about 20 percent of them, it's not a permanent fix. Now Janet Vasil reports on a new corrective procedure for when the procedure fails.

"I lost 130 pounds, kept it off for 5 years and then i seen a gradual increase," says Charlene Ramsey.

Even though she watched her diet, she regained sixty of those pounds.

"You work hard to get it off and you try to do the right things and eat the right portions and you still see that the weight's coming on," says Charlene Ramsey.

Gastric bypass makes the stomach smaller so you feel full faster. But over time, the pouch can start to stretch.

"The patient feels no restriction, they no longer feel full. They eat more and they gain their weight back," says Gregory Schroder, M.D.

That's why surgeons like Gregory Schroder are trying out a new procedure that restores the stomach to its post-gastric bypass size. It's called ROSE.

"ROSE is, stands for restorative operative surgery endolumenal," says Gregory Schroder, M.D.

Here's how it works. While the patient's sedated, doctors pass a flexible scope through the mouth into the reconstructed stomach. To make the pouch small again, they use a special tool that cinches the tissue and anchors it with a suture. No sutures are needed on the skin because there are no incisions.

"The nice thing about this procedure is that it is, has very low risks and complication rate, especially when you compare it to a revisional surgery that may have to be done laparoscopically or open," says Gregory Schroder, M.D.

Charlene had the ROSE procedure three weeks ago and was released from the hospital the same day.

"Came home, took a nap, woke up with a minor sore throat and went back to work the next day," says Charlene Ramsey.

Now she's back on track losing twelve of those stubborn pounds. This is Janet Vasil reporting.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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