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Tabata training

HEALTHLINE (MEDSTAR) -- The number one complaint when it comes to exercising is not having enough time. Well... You can't use that excuse anymore. As Janet Vasil reports, the latest exercise routine produces amazing results in less than 15 minutes.

Kari Parker has never been so happy to take a break. The lifelong athlete is in the middle of a short but intense workout called the tabata protocol.

"It's basically taking and doing bouts of exercise for very short periods of time with even less rest," says Troy Anderson, CPT, PES.

Troy Anderson is Kari's Trainer and an expert in the Japanese-based fitness routine.

"You want to take movements that you can transition in and out of pretty easily," says Troy Anderson, CPT, PES.

The workout consists of six to eight 20-second speed intervals, performed at maximum intensity... separated by 10-second rest periods. Even fit folks like Kari have a hard time.

"At first, it seems like oh i'll whip through this, four minutes and it will be fine. And then you start doing it and a minute or two minutes into it and you realize you're getting a very good workout in a short amount of time," says Kari Parker.

The key is the short break between each exercise which allows your body a brief rest without allowing your metabolism to slow down.

"If you have somebody that's really time crunched like this, and you move them, move them progressively through the tabata protocols, you can get them to fit very relatively quickly," says Troy Anderson, CPT, PES.

But don't be misled, the tabata protocol was originally designed for olympic athletes. Your workout may soon be gold medal worthy, too! This is Janet Vasil reporting.

Online Reporter: Kelsi Schindler

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