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Class of the Week Winner: October 10

by Jeannie Prescott and Natalie Sparacio

GRANTON (WAOW)--This week's Class of the Week winner is the entire Granton School.

Wake Up Wisconsin is already in our third week of Class of the Week, and we can truly say we've had some incredible nominations and winners. Granton is no exception.

The entire student body along with staff take part in a special program called Positive Attitude Work Success or PAWS.

PAWS started last March, as a way of building a community within the school, and outside of the classroom as well.

In April and October the students give back to the community by raking leaves, grass, and pine needles, picking up trash, and cleaning rocks and stones out of ditches.

And with fall here and a lot of leaves to rake up, the students are heading out to do yard work this coming Wednesday.

Right now, the students are also working on cleaning the Community Sportsman Club in town.

Once a month, class time is used to work on a community building activity.Currently, the students are making quilts.

Just another wonderful example of how students can make a big difference by helping out around their local community.

If you would like your school to be on Wake Up Wisconsin be sure to email us at with all your nominations.

Every Friday at 6:30 on Wakeup...we recognize a different school for their accomplishments.

Online Reporter: Jeannie Prescott and Natalie Sparacio

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