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Advancing personalized health care

by Teresa Mackin

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) --  Working together may be the key to the future of Wisconsin's health care.

Governor Doyle announced a collaboration this morning between four research facilities. He says by combining the knowledge and technology of Marshfield Clinic.. the University of Wisconsin.. and UW-Milwaukee.. personalized health care could take a giant leap in the state.

Jim Doyle, Wisconsin Governor, says, "Instead of giving people just, you have this kind of illness, instead: here's the medicine you should take to be able to really figure out who you are, what your genetic makeup is, or what medicine you are likely to respond to, what you're not likely to respond to."

Marshfield Clinic's genetics program has already collected the D-N-A of 20-thousand people to start the country's largest population-based genetic research project.

With the help of UW-Madison and UW- Milwaukee scholars, state leaders hope to make Wisconsin a frontrunner for personalized health care.

Online Reporter: Teresa Mackin

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