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Second Base

MEDSTAR -- As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there's nothing funny about breast cancer. But Janet Vasil has the story of one family who's turned their great heartache into smiles with a tongue-in-cheek fundraising idea.

Kelly Rooney was a fun-loving wife and mother of 5

Sean Rooney, Kelly's husband, says "She was so full of life. And non-stop. The Energizer Bunny, go, go, go." 

Tragically, the 43 year old's life was cut all too short when breast cancer ravaged her body. 

"It went to her lungs. It went to her bones. It went to her brain." Sean explains.

Now, 2 years later, family and friends are keeping her spirit alive, with a playful wink from Kelly herself.
Kelly's best friend, Kelly Day, says "While she was dying, she came up with the concept of Save 2nd Base."

It's a name she gave some bosom buddies taking part in a 3-day walk for breast cancer.

Erin Dugery, Kelly's sister, says "We said, 'Oh, we need a fun name for our team.' And she said, 'How about Save 2nd Base and we'll put baseballs right here.' And we all burst out laughing."

NOw the sale of 'Save 2nd Base' merchandise raises thousands for the Kelly Rooney Foundation.

Kelly Day says "That money is earmarked towards the University of Pennsylvania for research and which is where our money, Save 2nd Base money is earmarked towards educating young girls about breast cancer."

Erin Dugery says "They go and talk to girls, aged 8 to 18."

With 4 young daughters of her own, that would make Kelly extremely happy.

Sean says "I know she's looking down at us now from heaven and there's a smile on her face... for what a great job we're doing."

This is Janet Vasil reporting.

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, hat or bag and help raise research money and awareness of breast cancer through the Kelly Rooney Foundation, that web address is

This year, about 182,460 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S.
About 40,480 American women will die of breast cancer.
Annually, about 12,000 breast cancer deaths are in women under 40.
A company, Save 2nd BaseTM, produces T-shirts and other products with a baseball-themed innuendo aims to raise awareness and support for breast cancer.
For more details, refer to our comprehensive research summary.

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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