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Class of the Week 10/24: Medford Area Middle School

Buckthorn Bashers! Buckthorn Bashers!

by Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

MEDFORD (WAOW)--This week's Class of the Week winner's are the 5th and 8th graders at Medford Area Middle School!

For the past four years the students have been working to control an invasive species known as "the common buckthorn" from making its way into the Medford Riverwalk City Park.

Buckthorn is a plant that harms native plants, and the students have made it their mission to make sure it doesn't destroy the park.

This year, the fifth graders teamed up with two 8th grade classes, and call the project Buckthorn Bashing.

The 8th graders have acted as mentors, since their classes started this community service project, and learned how to identify buckthorn through leaves, berries, and bark.

The students cut down the buckthorn and pile it, and the city of Medford then chips up the piles.

The DNR... the Taylor County Land Conservation Department, as well as the US Forestry Department, have all teamed up on this project.

When the students arrive at the park, they're divided into groups, and each student is then assigned a role as berry picker, hauler, or cutter.

The objective is to control the invasive species, and to provide a service to the community.

This is another great example of students getting out in the public, and making a difference.

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Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

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