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Someone You Should Know: Jurustic Park

by Pam Warnke

WAUSAU (WAOW) --  In his retirement, Clyde Wynia runs at a far different speed than he did during his days as an attorney.

There's little room for creativity and joking when you're estate planning.

There's a lot more leeway when you're an artist.

Impromptu tours aren't uncommon at Jurustic Park in McMillan.

During the summer, Wynia says it happens sometimes 15 times a day.

"Last year, they signed our guestbook from 31 different countries.  We had every continent except Antartica," Clyde says.

It's no wonder.  The park, located next to the home the Wynia's have lived in 47 years, is something of a fairy tale.  It is filled with hundreds of metal animal sculptures Clyde created.  It all began with just one.  A bird with a nine foot wingspan built 15 years ago.  If you pull on the cord it flys.  Snap it, it sings.

Clyde says, "I put it up in the tree there, and never intended to make anymore until the neighbor came by.  He said 'Where did you ever get something like that?'"

And so 'something like that' turned into 'somethings like that.'

"Well, the first thing that came to my mind is that it came outta the marsh.  I dug it outta the marsh over here during the iron age.  And well, you can't stop with one, so I just kept digging and welding them back together," he says.

In reality though, these creatures are made with pieces from local scrap yards and fabricators.

Clyde kept welding and welding and slowy he's built a zoo of sorts.

In the center of that zoo stands the Hobbit House.

That's where Clyde's wife Nancy, a former nurse, customizes her creations.

She says, "In the Hobbit House, I make my own beads with a torch and form them by melting glass.  And I have to do something with them, so I make jewelry with them."

Nancy also turns the beads into an assortment of accessories.  Her other talents include handblown glass ornaments and beautiful sweaters.

While she works inside, Clyde continues his projects outside giving those who wander this way quite a treat.

It's the perfect outlet for this creative couple married 51 years.

Keeping them busy well past their "career" prime  and for the foreseeable future.

"We couldn't have designed a better retirement," Clyde says.

 Online Reporter: Pam Warnke


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