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Does It Work -- Debbie Meyer Green Bags

By Erik Mrotek

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- It's Thursday and time to put another product to the test.

This one makes food last longer.

As always, Erik Mrotek has the results.

It's the Debbie Meyer Green Bags.. and it supposed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

But Does it Work?

These are the green bags... and yes, they're green.

You get 10 large ones and 10 medium ones.

We'll give them a try with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

I've got some apples here.

We'll put one in a bag and store the other on a plate.

You just fold it over and leave it alone.

You do have to check on it every couple of days to see if there's moisture building up inside.

If there is you have to wipe it out.

We've got a banana here. Again, the same thing.

And we'll try it with some lettuce. This will be stored in a bag and in the crisper drawer in the refridgerator.

I've written October 21st on it... that the start of the test and we'll check it in a week.

It's 8 days later, and we'll see how things are doing.

No really big changes with the apples.

The bananas are a different story.

The ones stored on the plate in the air are browning up.

The ones in the bag do show some browning, but are still looking much fresher than the others.

The lettuce shows the big change. The little leaf is not doing well at all.

The bagged lettuce is much crisper and still seems fresh.

Here we do see the moisture building up... so we'll have to wipe it out.

We'll wait another week.

It's November 3rd now.

Both apples looks as good as the day we started.

The bananas are a different story... the one on the plate is soft and squishy - and so is the one in the bag.

They didn't make 13 days, and were actually good for about 10.

The plate of lettuce shows the biggest difference, with the leaf a total loss.

As for the lettuce in the bag, it's starting to brown a little and having some wilt, but looks pretty good.

Green Bags, does it work?


The bags don't make the food last as long as they suggest on the box... but do give you some extra days.

They cost about $10 and you get 20 bags - 10 large, 10 medium.

And they can be reused.... just rinse them out and dry them.

So what's coming up next week?

Well, put away the staples and the duct tape - there's a new way of fixing ripped clothes and cushions - Mighty Mendit.

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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