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Tony's Tip: Using rocks in your garden

By Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- If you're frustrated by rocks in your garden, Newsline 9's Tony Schumacher has the solution.

Here's some tips on how to put them to good use.

Some people look at rocks like "my goodness", but Tony likes to use them in his garden...saying they're a great natural tool.

Tony says they have so much contrast, texture and color, different shapes and sizes. They're tempermental when it comes to what the weather conditions are.

If it's a drought, they're good and if it's a flood, they're still good. Even in ice and snow they really pop.

Tony uses them in a flower bed were irises are. He says it's actually a bigger bed that he puts annuals and bulbs in that they have to dig up in the fall but, there are still new greens even in November.

After the blooming is all done for the season, Tony says your rocks still have visual interest and they can be used.

Here's another example; Tony pulled some rocks out of his vegetable garden and instead of just throwing them anywhere, he put them around his red dogwood bush.

According to Tony, the dogwood bush is a great bush to have in your yard no matter what season it is because of its bright red bark. When it snows or freezes, the sunshine will reflect off of the rocks, and "you can't beat it."

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