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Does It Work? Mighty Mendit

By Erik Mrotek

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- It's Thursday and time to put another product to the test.

This one is to make fabric repairs easier.

Newsline 9's Erik Mrotek has the results:

It's Mighty Mendit... and it's supposed to be fast easy way to hem and repair. It's from the same makers as Mighty Putty.

It's pretty much a bottle of glue... but it can be used on cloth, upholstery and leather.

We'll try it on an old belt that's seperating.

Just put a bead of glue along the edge.

I'll do the same on the other side.

Now, just press it together. It takes a couple of minutes to hold and can be worn in 2 hours.

It won't be dry for 24 hours.

We'll move on to a shirt.

Here, a seam has seperated.

Again, put a bead of glue along the edge.

It's a gel, so it dosen't soak into the material.

You can wash clothes with Mighty Mendit on it - but you can't dry clean it. It apparently dissolves it.

We'll close it up here and let it dry.

The final test is on a couch cushion that seperated.

Again, a bead of glue.

But this one is tougher to bring together because the foam is still in it.

I'll use pins to keep it together until it sets.

A week has passed.

The belt seems to be holding together after wearing it.

But the other side has seperated - you can see where the glue went, but didn't set.

The shirt has been washed and dried, and the mend has held - it does hold up to pulling on it.

But it is hard and could be scratchy when you wear it. It's also not the prettiest fix.

As for the couch cushion, it's seperated in some areas.

It's clear that this might be something that needs a couple applications to make it work.

Does it work - yes, but it might not be worth it.

For minor repairs, it'll do the job - it just depends on what you're trying to repair.

You should also expect in some circumstances to have to reapply the glue to spots where it didn't take.

Still.. in the end.. I just don't think they'll be lasting repairs.

Mighty Mendit retails for around 10 bucks.

What will Erik test for next week?

We'll wrap up this session of Does It Work? with Aqua Globes.

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