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Tony's Tips: Woodcutting 2

By Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- It's beginning to be that time of year when people that heat their homes with wood need to stock up for the cold months ahead.

Newsline 9's Tony Schumacher is joined by Pat Gierl from the Medford Farm Home Center for safety tips.

Tony: "Now Pat, for someone that doesn't know a lot about chain saws and you're looking to buy one, what are some considerations you'd keep in mind?"

Pat says "Very good. Good question. The main thing to think about is how often you're going to use this saw. Occasional once or twice a year? Or you going to do this every weekend? A major wood cutting for heating the home? Are you a professional logger? That will determine what size saw you need."

Tony replies" Very good. And of course your service technician can help you with those choices. So we have a saw here. Can you point out some safety features that have to be working properly to be safe?"

Pat says "The main thing to think about when you're on a chain saw they all come now with chain break. This does if there's a kick back and if the chain comes back at you, this will stop the chain dead. This is the main safety feature on a saw. You have choke and your shut off. The shutoff has to be very accessible and all saws now are equipped with a nice easy shutoff. They have a nice trigger release on them. That trigger has to work freely in case this saw gets away from you and you let go of the trigger it would shut off right away."

Tony says "And I imagine you need to have a chain that's properly tightened."

Pat says "Yes. Actually, this here is just about right. This one you can pull it away just a bit. This is critical on both wear and tear on the bar and chain and also for safety."

Tony adds "Well I'll let you get dressed up here and you can demonstrate a couple of cuts. Puts on his helmet. Looks pretty cool. Would you like me to hold the log here Pat or...?"

Tony continues after Pat cuts 2 logs "I imagine its not a good idea to be lifting the saw over your head either?"

Pat laughs and says "Right. The general safety rule is keep it below the shoulders.

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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