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Sen. Russ Feingold supports auto industry baillout

Senator Russ Feingold Senator Russ Feingold

By Ashley Gatz

WASHINGTON (WAOW) -- Senator Russ Feingold appeared on CNN Wednesday morning where he announced his support for auto industry boost.

The Democrat says "When you have $700 billion that wasn't well constructed for Wall Street and you want to take $25 billion out of that to try to protect our car industry, our vehicle industry in the United States, that seems very reasonable to me. It's worth a try, and I'm kind of shocked that people are willing to let our car manufacturers go down the drain as they figure out any way they can to prop up Wall Street."

Feingold also says the bill must require automakers to make more fuel-effienct cars.

Senator Herb Kohl says the aid should be in the form of a loan and include accountability upon the automakers.

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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