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Someone You Should Know: Alexa Schillinger

by Pam Warnke

PHILLIPS (WAOW) --  Alexa Schillinger, a Phillips High School Junior, has won two World Champion Powerlifting titles at the 114 lb, sub-junior level.  Her most recent win came this past September.

Schillinger, 16, started powerlifting to help stack up against the boys she played hockey with.

"My Dad said you should really start lifting weights so you can keep up with the boys in your strength," she says.

"As the boys got bigger and stronger--she didn't really mature and get tall like the rest of the boys were getting," Jeff Schillinger, Alexa's dad, says.

Alexa watcher and learned from her dad, Jeff, a powerlifter himself.  Jeff also started the Phillips High Powerlifting team.

By 7th grade it was clear she had talent.

Alexa say, "I ended up totaling what would have won the state competition, but I wasn't allowed to go to state because I was in 7th grade and only high school lifters are allowed to go to state."

Now a junior at Phillips High School, Schillinger is comfortable with competition.

She's deadlifted, bench pressed, and squatted her way to 2 world championship titles as a 114 pound sub-junior.

The most recent in South Africa this past September.

Schillinger squatted 330 pounds, bench pressed 159 and deadlifted 341 pounds.

Her total lift placed her at the top.

"When you win, you get the honor of standing on the first place podium with whoever wins second and whoever third standing on each side of you," Schillinger says.

At the 2008 Worlds Alexa, flanked by two Russians, listened to her national anthem play.

An experience she hopes to repeat next year.

"There's nothing that compares to that. It was absolutely amazing."

 Online Reporter: Pam Warnke



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