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Does It Work? -- Aqua Globes

By Erik Mrotek

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- All this month we've been putting products to the test.

We'll wrap up the fall session of Does it Work with a plant watering system.

Newsline 9's Erik Mrotek has more.

It's the Aqua Globes... and they're supposed to perfectly water plants for up to 2 weeks.

But Does it Work?

These are the aqua globes and you get two of them in a box.

They're glass globes - one is blue with white specks - the other is blue with green and red in it.

You also get an instruction sheet.

You begin by filling the globes - you can't get the water running too hard.

Now that it's filled, we have to create a hole for the globe tube. It's glass, so you don't want to just jam it in there or it could break.

Since this is a large plant, I'll also put the second one in.

We'll mark the waterline with tape.

It's been a week now and we'll check the globes. It looks like the water didn't go down too much. Pulling it out, we see that the dirt has clogged the tube. I'm not sure that should block the water too much... the dirt is moist.

I'll pull one of the globes and put it into a smaller plant and see how it does.

It's a week later - with 2 weeks for the first globe - and a week for the second.

the water levels are down a little bit more, but I would've expected more.

In the smaller plant, it's down - but since the box says it's good for 2 weeks of watering, I'd expect it to be half full.

Again, there's dirt in the tube and I wonder if the plant is getting enough water.

Maybe if we tried a bigger one?

Does it work - a reserved yes.

This was a difficult test.

It's hard to say if plants got all the water they needed - but it certainly didn't kill them.

I have a feeling it's all going to be dependent on the type of plant.. the kind of soil it's in... and the conditions where it is.

The only other thing is the globes themselves - opinions seemed pretty mixed - some like the blue globes in the plants... others weren't so hot on them.

They retail for about 10-bucks for the pair.

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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