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Class of the Week Winner 11/21: Pacelli High School


by Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

STEVENS POINT (WAOW TV)--This week's winner is the entire Pacelli High Stevens Point, especially the Tech Education students.

Last weekend the students held a big benefit for their Tech Ed. teacher...Mr. Busse, who's been battling cancer for about 2 years, and is still seriously ill.

The students and faculty held an Italian-style dinner with music from bands, a silent auction, and a bake sale, to raise money for their teacher's medical expenses.

So far, the students have raised over 20-thousand dollars!!

Mr. Busse's insurance only covers 70 percent of his medical expenses, so the student's wanted to help him out.

Many of his students are so devastated about his illness, they visited him in the hospital, and some of the boys even shaved their heads to show their support and solidarity, as he deals with the effects of chemotherapy.

Mr. Busse was able to attend the benefit and enjoy his special day.

The event had a steady stream of students, parents, family, parishioners, and community members.

And the school is still collecting donations, in order to help him and his family out.

We had the opportunity to go to Pacelli and congratulate the entire high school on their efforts.

Everyone was so welcoming and gracious, it's no surprise that these kids could be a part of something so truly special.

If you'd like to donate, it's real's how you can do so:

Send a check to:

SPACS (Stevens Point Area Catholic Schools)

Pacelli High School

1301 Maria Dr

Stevens Point, WI     54481


Rick Busse

3007 Hampton Ave.

Wausau, WI    54403

Donations that are sent to Pacelli High School are tax deductible.

This is great example of what class of the week is all about, we've been touched by this story, and hope you have as well.

If you would like your school to be on Wake Up Wisconsin be sure to email us at with all your nominations.

Every Friday at 6:30 on Wakeup...we recognize a different school for their accomplishments.

Online Reporters: Natalie Sparacio and Jeannie Prescott

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