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Information You Can Use

  1. Childhood immunizations are important - Vaccines are safe and protect your child and the community from a variety of diseases.
  2. High blood pressure in children has substantial health consequences - Adults aren't the only ones who must deal with hypertension.
  3. Alternatives to infant cold medications are available - Your baby has a cold and you reach for the cough medicine to relieve her symptoms. However, infant formulations of cough medicines have been taken off the market because of concerns about an increase in side effects and complications. There are alternatives.
  4. A sober lesson for parents of teens: Preventing teens from drinking alcohol - Did you know that in Wisconsin, parents who host an underage drinking party can end up serving nine months in jail and paying fines as high as $10,000?
  5. Autistic spectrum disorders: Early detection key to getting children best treatment - Although autism was first identified more than 60 years ago, its cause and complexity continue to be studied. Researchers learn more each year as rising numbers of children are diagnosed with it.
  6. Food allergy severity varies - For some children and adults, eating a seemingly innocent peanut butter cookie could be a matter of life and death. They are among the 12 million Americans - 3 million of whom are children - with allergic sensitivity to certain foods.
  7. Contacts OK for kids ready for proper care - At about the age of 10 to 12, many children who need vision correction start wanting to wear contact lenses. This may be because of appearance or for sports. What is the right age for children to begin wearing contact lenses?
  8. Health information for teens and kids - Plug your children into these two fun Web sites for some health tips wrapped in fun.
  9. Family resolutions: Making healthy choices together can help children avoid obesity - If eating healthier foods and getting more exercise are on your list of New Year's resolutions, you may help your children combat obesity, too.
  10. Whooping cough: Booster vaccine urged for adolescents - With an increase in the number of pertussis cases among adolescents, booster vaccines are now recommended for ages 11 to 18. Also known as whooping cough, this is a highly contagious, bacterial respiratory illness.
  11. New school rule: Meningitis vaccine advised for adolescents - Young people starting a new school can add a new item to their back-to-school checklist: The meningococcal meningitis vaccine is recommended for adolescents entering middle school and high school as well as dormitory-bound college freshmen.
  12. Parents play pivotal role in preventing child obesity - Remember when pudgy cheeks symbolized good health? When a child who didn't eat everything on the plate was considered defiant?

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