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Class of the Week Winner 11/28: Amherst Elementary 1st & 2nd Graders

by Natalie Sparacio and Jeannie Prescott

AMHERST (WAOW)--This week we highlight two grades, at one school... for two special reasons.

So, this week's winners are the 1st and 2nd graders at Amherst Elementary.

Let's start out with the first graders.

As a way of showing their thanks to local businesses, the students ventured out with special posters.

This ties in with their social studies unit and the Thanksgiving holiday.

The coffee shop in town gave one of the classes cookies and the teachers were told how well behaved the kids were, and how nice it was to see the kids showing their appreciation for the community.

This is another great example of students and faculty making a point to get out in the community and make a difference.

The second graders celebrated Veterans Day in a very unique and thoughtful way.

The students learned about Veterans Day, and a veteran and his daughter came in and spoke to the classes.

The students had a chance to see a Purple Heart award, and then they took what they step further.

The students created a purple heart for either a veteran or a veteran's spouse, and on each heart they wrote a special poem about what the Purple Heart means for our country and our freedom.

The students then went to the Veteran's Nursing Home in King, and visited with residents.

They also sang the song "Thank a Vet".

We had a chance to visit the students, and they even performed the song for us!

These community service projects are exactly what class of the week is all about.

If you would like your school to be on Wake Up Wisconsin be sure to email us at with all your nominations.

Every Friday at 6:30 on Wakeup, we recognize a different school for their accomplishments.

Online Reporters: Natalie Sparacio & Jeannie Prescott

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