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Peanut butter recall list of products

By Ashley Gatz

NATIONAL (WAOW) -- The Food and Drug Administration is still trying to get a handle on the salmonella out-break spread by tainted peanut butter.

The list of products that may possibly be contaminated continues to grow. General Mills, Kroger Company, Safeway.. all voluntarily pulling their products from store shelves.

Even Clif and Luna bars, touted as natural and organic, are being recalled.

One woman says she's scared to eat anything now. "Well I'm scared to eat it now, so I have a good Reese's candy bar at home that I'm scared to eat."

The contamination has spread to 43 states and is being linked to 6 deaths and sickening almost 500 Americans.

The FDA is warning people to avoid all products that contain peanut butter, as the scope of the investigation continues to expand.

However, most peanut butter sold in jars should be fine.

A list is available on the FDA's website at

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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