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Class of the Week: March 6

by Jeannie Prescott and Natalie Sparacio

Wausau (WAOW)--This week's winners are the students at the Shelter Home School in Wausau. This is a unique class of the week; the students are from the Marathon County Juvenile Facility.    

Recently, the Shelter Home School and the Marathon County Humane Society developed a partnership. Each week the students go to the Humane Society and assist in caring for the animals there. It works out great, because the school is right down the street from the brand new Humane Society building.                       

The students participate in all types of tasks. Some are obviously more fun than others, but their teacher tells us the kids always smile and have a lot of motivation.            

The students clean cages, wash dishes, do laundry, bathe and feed the animals, and even help train them. The students learn teamwork and job skills while giving back to the community. It boosts their self esteem and shows them what a positive impact they can have on our local community.            

Natalie and I had the opportunity to visit with the students while they volunteered at the Humane Society. They were excited, and worked so diligently. These students definitely deserve the honor...and the recognition for their efforts.

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Online Reporters: Jeannie Prescott and Natalie Sparacio

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