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Tony's Tip: Bird seed feeder

By Tony Schumacher

DORCHESTER (WAOW) -- With all of this rain and temperatures warming up over the coming weeks, it's time to be thinking about those birds returning.

Newsline 9's Tony Schumacher is in Dorchester with 2 ideas on how to feed your feathered friends.

Tony says "Hey, do you enjoy getting out and watching the birds come to your yard and feed? well, maybe you want to make some special bird feeders out of pinecones, suet and peanut butter. Kind of a simple process. Some of you might have done this already Maybe you can do it with your kids who haven't experienced this yet.

Start yourself with a pine cone. This is a red pine cone. If you have some really big ones that would work even better but that's the biggest I could find. Just take some peanut butter and spread it around your pine cone and if you take your time, you can probably do a better job. Try to get it filled into the cracks and what not. My kids always pick on me because I eat peanut butter every morning for breakfast so now they can pick on the birds.

And then you take your favorite bird seed, it doesn't really matter what kind you use. Just pour it onto some wax paper. roll your peanut buttered pine cone into that. you can see how the seeds stick on there real nice. Can you grab me that rag kathy? It's kind of a messy job. Most things that are fun are kind of messy, aren't they?

And you take a string and tie it right to the top of your pine cone and you kind of what to plan this out so when you hang it on a branch somewhere near your house so you can watch, make it so that its hanging off the branch so far that squirrels and chipmunks have a hard time getting to it. You have to be a little bit clever. So that's one version.

The other version is to take a ball of suet, which kathy has here, and you can dip that into the bird seed as well. Flip her over and now she's going to make a ball out of it. I'll put a little bit more bird seeds out. That looks like a pretty interesting little creation kathy. Then, we're going to take a small onion sack, drop that suet bird seed ball right in there. See, i've got some string woven through the top. Just get it nice and tight.

And again, it's just a matter of taking it out to a tree or bush. Tying it so the squirrels and chipmunks don't get it and boy, enjoy those birds out there. They're all going to be coming back in full force here in the next few months."

Online Reporter: Ashley Gatz

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