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“Community for All” discussion reaches full Marathon County board

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) -- The "Community for All" resolution in Marathon County was once again up for discussion Thursday night.

Public comment lasted for more than two hours and more than 50 people signed up to express their opinions.

The latest version passed on to the full county board last week in a narrow vote, after discussion around the definition of the word "equity."

People on both sides of the issue expressing concern for the future if the resolution does or does not pass.

One person is worried the resolution will lead down a slippery slope to unintended consequences.

"There is no need to dissect Version B, written by masters of word manipulation. Call it for what it really is, a way to follow the Marxist movement by dividing our community, cause chaos, develop policies against oppressors. Soon everybody's freedom of speech is gone," a resident against the resolution said.

One person who says they're for it disagrees, saying there's no manipulation intended by the resolution's supporters.

"This is not about what political party you affiliate with and this is not about some conspiracy theory or agenda. This is basic human respect, love, and kindness. There's no 'special treatment' we're getting, we just want basic respect that everyone else gets," a resident for the resolution said.

"Community for All" has gone through several resolutions since its introduction last year.

The board is expected to make a vote on this resolution as soon as next Tuesday, August 24.

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