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New kiosk promotes importance of waste reduction, recycling and reusing

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) -- Recycling Connections is a non-profit organization in the Stevens Point area. It has a mission to promote waste reduction, recycling and reusing.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the organization. One part of the celebration is the creation of a kiosk made only from recycled materials.

The display, which is made of around 1,000 drink bottles and shredded recycled tires, sits along the Green Circle Trail.

It will be up through Labor Day, and provides a number of educational tools.

"We think that it's a great way to draw people in to begin asking questions and appreciate how recyclables can be used in a variety of ways," Recycling Connections Executive Director Karin Sieg said. "But mainly used for making new materials as a feedstock for making new items."

The kiosk contains information related to recycling and different activities families can do. The information will be updated throughout the course of the display's existence.

Another reason behind the kiosk is "Plastic Free July."

According to Sieg, the month is about raising awareness on plastic pollution in oceans and the limiting single use plastics.

The kiosk is will also have books and games to help educate between what can and can't be recycled.

"In Wisconsin, we do have a recycling law and there are a number of items that are banned from Wisconsin's landfills that need to be recycled," Sieg said. "These are all valuable resources that can be reused in a sense, into new products."

Sieg said that some of the items banned from landfills are magazines, glass, aluminum, steel containers, tires, and electronics.

For more information on the kiosk and the initiative to educate the community about the importance of recycling and reusing, click here.

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