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Gov. Tony Evers to call special session for debate on education funding

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MADISON (WKOW) — After signing a state budget that didn’t meet his spending goals, Governor Tony Evers announced Monday that he will call a special legislative session with the goal of driving up education funding.

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In a tweet and accompanying video from the governor, Evers said the “bare minimum” provided by the largely GOP-written budget is insufficient for Wisconsin’s schools and kids.

“This budget’s bare minimum wasn’t enough for our kids,” Evers said in the video. “Not after the year they’ve had and all the work we’ll do together to make sure they’re successful for this year.”

The budget provided more than $100 million in funding for schools, but Evers set his sights higher. With his veto power, Evers has ensured there are funds available to invest in schools, but the legislative Republicans will have to sign off on it.

“If Republicans have time to come into session just to try and override my vetoes, they sure as heck have time to come into session and do what’s best for our kids. So, if they’re going to come to Madison, then they’re going to have work to do.”

If Republicans do sign off on Evers’ proposal, $240 million will go to general education funding, $200 million will go to special education services and $110 million will be dedicated to higher education and the UW system.

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