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Wisconsin’s Tom Tiffany one of 14 to vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday

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WASHINGTON (WQOW) – Out of the 429 House of Representative members who voted on whether to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, 14 voted no, including Wisconsin Rep. Tom Tiffany.

The measure passed the U.S. Senate by unanimous consent, and House members voted to pass it on a 415-14 vote.

All 14 Congressman who voted no were Republicans. Voting no with Tiffany were; Andy Briggs (Arizona), Mo Brooks (Alabama), Andrew Clyde (Georgia), Scott DesJarlais (Tennessee), Paul Gozar (Arizona), Ronny Jackson (Texas), Doug LaMalfa (California), Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Tom McClintock (California), Ralph Norman (South Carolina), Mike Rogers (Alabama), Matthew Rosedale Sr. (Montana), Chip Roy (Texas) and Ralph Norman (South Carolina).

In a statement to News 18, Tiffany said the bill creates a race-based Independence Day.

“Once again, House Democrats have used their majority to balkanize our country and fuel separatism by creating a race-based ‘Independence Day.’ There is only one Independence Day in America, just as there is only one National Anthem, one American flag and one America – under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. It is unfortunate that some have chosen to politicize the naming of this important historical event – one of many momentous milestones in America’s shared journey that began in 1776 to create a more perfect union – to turn Americans against one another and foment division based on skin color instead of uniting us.”

Rep. Tom Tiffany, 7th Congressional District

There were 195 Republicans in the House who voted in favor of making Juneteenth a holiday, including four from Wisconsin; Scott Fitzgerald, Mike Gallagher, Glen Grothman and Bryan Steil.

The bill is expected to be signed into law by President Joe Biden on Thursday.