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Preparing your pet to be alone once you go back to work

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MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW)- According to American Pet Products Association, 12.6 million house holds welcomed in pets in the last year.

However, as many are going back to work, dogs are experiencing fear and anxiety because they were with us practically all the time.

At K-9 Elementary, trainer Cindy Steinke said she has been busy.

"I have clients that I have booked out farther than what I would like to be," Steinke said.

Dog trainers such as herself are in high demand thanks to a boom in pet adoptions during the pandemic.

"We spent 24/7 with them now all of a sudden we now leave them and they have anxiety and they are in panic mode," Steinke said.

However, dog parents can help ease that panic.

"A dog that is left loose in the house with anxiety tends to get in trouble a lot of them are destruction and even though you can replace your sofa or your chairs if your dog eats that a lot of times you can't replace your dog," she said.

Steinke suggests crate training, saying it shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing or a punishment.

It gives your dog a safe place to be in when you aren't with them.

Steinke said you can start off small by putting them in the kennel when you are taking a shower or doing laundry and give them a special safe toy that they can only get when they are in the kennel, this way they have something to look forward to.

As a pet owner you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to make sure your dog listens to you.

"No dog fails they only fail when we give up on them," Steinke said.

It is never to early or too late to start.

Puppies can be trained as young as eight weeks old, but Steinke said consistency is key to having an obedient dog.

If you find yourself waiting a while to get a dog trainer, Steinke said you can start implementing commands at home like "down, sit and come."

She suggests changing the scenery up a bit on your walks by taking them to different parts of your neighborhood.

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