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Researchers are seeing a trend.. teachers do not want to return to the classroom

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WAUSAU, Wisc. (WAOW)-- As classrooms opening up across the country, they notice a shortage. Not in schools supplies, but teachers.

After years of school, student teaching and prepping for the Praxis exam, many teachers across the country still come to the same conclusion: teaching is not for them.

Research shows on average teachers have been leaving the field after five years. The Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty (WILL) says this is a side effect of the job and teachers are tired of all the red tape surrounding the job.

"Teachers often don't feel supported in terms of discipline and things like that but often there is this continual process of licensure that teachers have to go through as well," said Will Flanders, a researcher at WILL.

Flanders saying one way to invite more potential teachers to the classroom is by removing many of the barriers in their way. For example, removing the long list of teacher exams that are required to get accredited.

"There's been good study that show teacher test don't really have much of an impact on student outcomes that if you have teachers go through ten additional test it really doesn't help the kids that are in those classes do much better," said Flanders.

If you would like to read WILL's proposal the report is below:


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