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September 2021 Jefferson Award: Alexia Pfeiffer

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Mosinee, Wis. (WAOW)--A Mosinee teen hopes to inspire children who have disabilities.

Alexia Pfeiffer wrote a book titled Albert the Frog.

"I wrote it because I once had a speech and reading disability," Alexia Pfeiffer says.

The story is about a frog named Albert.

He faces many challenges because he can't croak.

But thanks to support from others, and his refusal to give up, the little frog perseveres.

"I wanted other kids to realize that everybody struggles," Pfeiffer explains.

And sales of the book fund her foundation The Difference is You.

"Marathon County high school seniors with speech and reading disabilities can apply to get to get $500 scholarships," Pfeiffer says.

As you can imagine, her mother is very proud of her.

"She wants to give back to the community and to serve others," Pfeiffer's mom Natalie Boyd says.

Pfeiffer is a recent graduate of Mosinee High School and is heading to UW La Crosse.

A reminder that with hard work dreams can come true.

"I plan to study pre-med so I will major in biology and minor in chemistry," Pfeiffer explains.

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