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Shawano Co. schools stage crash to teach students

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Tigerton, Wisc. (WAOW) — Students learned driving safety at Tigerton High School on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after a Wausau teen died in a crash.

Superintendent Ben Rayome said the day started with a crash.

“It was a texting and driving situation,” said Rayome. “The texter ran into another car and killed the other driver.”

Harley Graham, a student at Tigerton High School, played the victim in the crash where she, “died from internal injuries.”

This mock accident came less than 24 hours after a very real crash in Wausau where 17-year-old Topanga Lavake lost her life.

“I’ve known her for so long and now ya know all of the sudden I end up playing a victim basically in her role,” said Graham. “I never thought that… I would have to go to her funeral.”

Graham said she sees friends scroll through Facebook while behind the wheel and often takes the phone away from them. She also said she hopes today’s event will teach students the power they hold behind the wheel.

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