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SPASH’s Roisin Willis sets records and qualifies for Olympic Trials

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willis, roisin

While she may be just 16-years old. Stevens Point's Roisin Willis has been in a lot of big races in her life already. However last weekend was perhaps the biggest.

At the Trials of Miles Race in New York Willis ran 2:00.78 in the 800 meter event, an absolutely astonishing feat.

The time was the fastest ever recorded for a 16 year old girl and the 4th fastest for a female high school athlete, but there was on thing the time did that dwarfed both of those accomplishments.

It qualified her for the Olympic Trials.

It's a stage Willis has dreamed of ever since she was a kid and now, she is one-step closer to a achieving her lifelong dream.

"It's exciting because before this there was always the chance of making the Olympic trials," said Willis. "Now I have the opportunity to go to the Olympic trials and therefore the opportunity or the possibility of making the Olympic team."

"Having the opportunity to go for one of my biggest dreams is really exciting and wild," she continued. "I'm really looking forward to the future as well."

Willis will leave for the trial in Oregon in late June.

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