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Area residents spot strange objects as U.S. shoots down another object over weekend

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Area residents spot strange objects as U.S. shoots down another object over weekend

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) - After the U.S. shot down a fourth object this weekend, many have their eyes out for strange objects in the sky even in the central Wisconsin area.

Near Ringle, a string of many objects were seen floating across the sky, which many are saying are a train of satellites from Starlink, but in Rhinelander this weekend, another strange sighting.

"Over by Hodag Park, I was driving on Evergreen, and all of the sudden, I saw these three lights, like lights in the sky in a triangle formation," said Emilia Roman, who witnessed something she couldn't explain.

She said they appeared in an orange-ish color like Mars, figuring it had to be some sort of satellite.

"My other thought is just maybe like training stuff or satellites, or something, but they were really close," said Roman. "They didn't seem like in the sky, but they seemed like in the atmosphere."

These sightings come after the U.S. downed four objects over North America in about a week's time.

"I want to be very clear, the first balloon was definitely Chinese," said David Fields, associate director for the Center for East Asian Studies at UW-Madison. "The other three balloons? We do not know, and we have no idea. I believe we will though, and I believe we'll know sooner rather than later."

But for alien enthusiasts, it may not be what you're looking for.

"The assumption everywhere is these are Chinese balloons, all four of them are," said Fields. "It might be right, we just don't know."

The White House did release that the other three objects were not from outer space.

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