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Family and friends testify on day 3 of Schulz-Juedes trial

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Family and friends testify on day 3 of Schulz-Juedes trial

WAUSAU, WI. (WAOW) -- Family and friends of Ken Juedes took the stand today on the third day of the Cindy Schulz-Juedes trial. 

She is accused of shooting her husband, Ken, to death in their rural town of Hull home in 2006. 

Prosecutors argue that she committed the act for his land and money. 

Ken's brother and close friend both spoke of the family hunting lands, the 79 acres of property have been in the family for years. Don Juedes Allen, Ken's younger brother, says that the Juedes family used the land well and that it meant a lot to them.

"My brother was a hunter, I was a hunter to a certain extent, my father was a big-time hunter," said Don Allen, "He purchased the land I believe in the 60's, and we dearly loved that piece of property." 

According to Juedes family friend Mark Maxam, when Ken acquired the deed to the 79 acres of hunting land in early 2006, his wife tried to convince him to sell all of it. 

He refused, saying that if he were going to sell it to anyone, it would be to Bucko, a close college friend. 

After his death, Schulz-Juedes reportedly reached out to Bucko and offered up the land for sale.

"She called me and asked if I would be interested in buying the property, I said what price, she told me $380,000. I said that's crazy, absolutely not," said Patrick "Bucko" O'Hearn.

O'Hearn says that the lands would have been worth approximately $1,000 to $1,200  per acre at the time. The maximum total value it could have been worth amounted to about $120,000.

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