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PHOENIX (AP) — A judge has struck down Republican-passed Arizona laws that block schools from requiring masks and restrict the power of local governments to impose COVID-19 requirements. The ruling Monday could clear the way for cities and counties to enact mask requirements if it withstands a promised appeal. It comes as the fight over

PHOENIX (AP) — A Republican official in Arizona resigned Tuesday from the board overseeing Maricopa County after a recording emerged of him criticizing his GOP colleagues in a meeting with activists demanding an audit of the 2020 election. During the meeting recorded surreptitiously last March, Supervisor Steve Chucri suggested two fellow Republican county supervisors opposed

PHOENIX (AP) — An attorney representing the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate says the long-delayed review of 2020 election results in the state’s most populous county will be released next week. Attorney Kory Langhofer told a judge Thursday that the reports detailing the outside recount of President Joe Biden’s win and the unprecedented review of Maricopa County’s

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s first sports betting operations are now open in time for the start of the NFL season with live wagers allowed on college and professional sports. Betting began Thursday online and at the FanDuel Sportsbook at the downtown Phoenix arena where the Phoenix Suns play and at temporary betting windows at the

PHOENIX (AP) — A former Arizona nurse has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman about three years ago at a long-term care facility where she later gave birth. Nathan Sutherland also entered a guilty plea Thursday to a charge of abuse of a vulnerable adult stemming from his treatment of the woman. The

We see flooding now and then in north-central Wisconsin.  Rarely the magnitude of other parts of the world.  The Southwestern U.S. is still in its “Monsoon” season.  Tucson and Phoenix had some intense flooding in spots this weekend.  The southwest’s soil is so dry but also packed.  The ground needs water, but it doesn’t soak

We are now entering the coolest part of our weekly forecast. Fortunately, conditions are mostly dry today and this weekend compared to the off and on showers this past week. *** There is a Frost Advisory for all counties south of and including marathon county until 9 A.M. Today will be a chilly one as