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Athlete of the Week – Mosinee’s Trevor Garski sets state record with a perfect game

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When you hear about someone throwing a perfect game you think of baseball, not football, but this was the exception.

"During the game I had no idea about the incompletions or anything like that," said Mosinee Indian's senior quarterback Trevor Garski. "It just felt like our offense was rolling and our whole team was doing well as a team."

They were rolling against Hayward, as was he, all the way to a state record.

"Our statistician told us by the way he's 17-17 that's a state record," recalled Garski's Head Coach Craig Martens. "It took me maybe 5 -10 minutes to think back like, 'No way. He had to have had an incompletion.' I looked back and I was like, 'He didn't.' "

However Garski didn't do it alone.

"A lot of times the ball placement was fantastic," said Martens. "Other times our receivers (made) some pretty miraculous catches."

"All I could say was thank you," said Garski when asked about what he told his receivers. "I mean they did all the work, all I did was throw it up for them. If you saw the tape then you know they had some pretty good catches."

And it wasn't just one or two guys getting involved, it was everybody.

"Six different guys caught passes, five different guys got touchdowns," said Martens. "At halftime (Garski) was 12-12 and six guys had two catches. I mean that's distributing the ball, that's what we do."

A lesson that when you practice what you preach, good things tend to happen.

"I'm really proud," said Garski. "We were producing really good on offense and defense as well. It was just a really great feeling to know that everyone was so happy for the team and me. It was great."

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