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Sen. Johnson faces questions in Vilas Co.

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Ron Johnson Boulder Junction

BOULDER JUNCTION, Wis. (WAOW)-- Senator Ron Johnson stopping in the Northwoods for a town hall, meeting with constituents and speaking on controversial topics. 

Dozens of people coming out to attend the Q&A event, attendees asking the senator about election fraud, COVID-19 mandates and the national debt ceiling. 

Johnson encouraged everyone to ask questions even if they opposed his views. One audience member stepping up to the plate and said she disagreed with him and began asking what his views on raising the debt ceiling.  

Senator Johnson voted against raising the ceiling and even after voting in favor under Republican administrations 

There is no reason to default in the debt the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars filling its coffers every month prioritize spending. To make sure we don’t default - obviously you serve this debt, you pay for social security recipient, you pay for veterans, you prioritize spending,”  said Johnson.

That's something Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin disagreed with when she issued a statement against Johnson, saying:

“Playing political games with our economy benefits no one in Wisconsin and that is why I voted to prevent a government default and protect the full faith and credit of the United States. I believe we have a bipartisan responsibility to pay our bills, including the debt that was run up by the Trump Administration that Senate Republican’s refuse to pay for. My hope is that over the next two months, they will not continue to threaten our economy by pushing once again towards a first ever government default.”

Sen. Johnson also talked about social media, following the Facebook whistleblower report from earlier this week.

"The social media companies need to be transparent in terms of what their moderation, their censorship policies are. They need to follow them and if they don’t follow them they ought to be open to liability and cause of action against them.“ 

One thing he did not discuss: re-running for office.

Johnson has yet to announce if he will run for re-election, merely mentioning that he 'still has time,' to come to a decision.

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